The Skin Hospital is committed to minimising the occurrence of antimicrobial resistant micro-organisms, patient safety and ensuring that patients get the right antibiotics, only when they need them.

The Skin Hospital follows the guidelines outlined in the National Safety and Quality Health Standards. One of those standards is preventing and controlling healthcare associated infections. The Skin Hospital follows the guidelines to restrict the needless use of antibiotics in all its surgical cases. It is important to know that the Standard is aimed at limiting antimicrobial therapy - not to deny therapy.

Don’t be surprised if you do not receive routine antibiotics before or after your surgery. It is recognised that there is a group of patients who, due to their current illness or health status, may need antibiotics. Patients will be treated accordingly.

What can you do to reduce the spread of germs?

By practising good hygiene, you can reduce the risk of getting sick or passing infections on to others in the day surgery by doing the following:

  • Wipe down all frequently touched surfaces regularly as some germs can live on surfaces for several days.
  • Cover your mouth and nose for coughs and sneezes as infectious droplets can remain in the air for some time.
  • Discard used tissues immediately
  • Wash your hands:
  • when they are dirty
  • after sneezing or coughing
  • before and after handling food
  • after going to the toilet
  • after touching commonly used items
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