During your consultation with your doctor, the process of the procedure, fees and expected outcome of the procedure will have been discussed with you. Your doctor will provide you with paperwork to complete and will inform you of the date and time of your operation.

  1. Please complete all sections, including the front and back of the forms, that have been sent to you, prior to your surgery and send the documents back to The Skin Hospital at least FIVE days before your surgery.
  2. The best preparation for surgery is a good night sleep followed by a substantial breakfast. However if you are having a general anaesthetic you will be required to have nothing by mouth from the time specified by The Skin Hospital pre-admission nurse.
  3. To reduce the chances of infection, shower and wash your hair the night before or the morning of your surgery. Sleep in fresh night-wear and clean bed linen. Some patients may be asked to use special solution to wash their body or hair prior to the surgery.
  4. Do not wear make-up, hair spray, body lotion or perfume on the day of your surgery.
  5. Do not stop taking any of your prescription medication unless instructed by your surgeon.
  6. Discontinue vitamin and mineral therapy for at least two weeks prior to the surgery to reduce the risk of heavy bleeding during and post surgery eg. Fish Oil, Krill, Vitamin E, Ginko, Garlic & Ginger tablets.
  7. Leave anything of value, such as jewellery, at home. We cannot accept responsibility for the loss of valuables or money.
  8. Wear comfortable, loose-fitting clothes, such as a tracksuit, pants, a cardigan, a short-sleeved shirt or blouse. An old button up shirt is preferable. Wear comfortable shoes as shoes stay on during surgery.
  9. It is wise to bring a book or magazine to read. Please arrange for a relative or friend to accompany you home, either by private transport or taxi. You must not go home on public transport or drive following your surgery.
  10. At home, please have Panadol or Panadeine for pain relief, and an ice-pack or pack of frozen peas to use to reduce bruising / swelling / bleeding.
  11. It is most important that you do not go home alone and that you have company / assistance overnight.


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