After your procedure, you may be more susceptible to falls.

To reduce your risk of falling:

  • Ask about the likelihood of falling and your risk factors
  • Know what assistance you require and follow the instructions of the nurse
  • If you have been requested to get help, ring the nurse bell before moving about
  • Stand up slowly after lying down or sitting
  • Sit on the side of the bed for a few minutes before getting up to prevent dizziness
  • Take care when bending down, bend at knees only and steady yourself before walking
  • Wear comfortable, fitting, flat shoes that grip -don’t walk around in socks or ill-fitting slippers
  • Use handrails, if available
  • Do not leave clothes or bags on the floor
  • Bring walking aids with you

Above all, be sensible and recognise your limitations while in hospital. Do things safely by following the nurses’ instructions.

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