A number of biological agents have been developed or are under development for treating intractable psoriasis and eczema. These interfere with the immune mechanisms that lead to psoriasis or eczema, helping rebalance or normalise the skin’s immune system.

The Biologics Clinic offers specialist services for patients with moderate-to-severe psoriasis. Patients receiving these drugs receive ongoing care under the supervision of the dermatologist and the biologic therapy support nurse.

The nurses and doctors administering these treatments have undergone specialised training to ensure that the use of biologic agents has the highest level of safety and efficacy.

Very strict reporting to the Government is also required.

The clinic is held weekly at Darlinghurst: 

Dr Hanna Kuchel

Dr Hanna Kuchel is a Dermatologist with over ten years of clinical experience in the field. She graduated in medicine from The University of Sydney with Honours.

Dr Kate Dunlop

Dr Dunlop currently runs general dermatology, laser and surgical clinics in private practice in the south of Sydney.

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