The Skin Hospital, Westmead has opened a chronic eczema clinic at Westmead, each Wednesday, for children, adolescents and adults that includes a wet dressing and patient education serviced by a dedicated Clinical Nurse Educator. This clinic will also offer immunosuppressive / biologic therapies.

The Chronic/Advanced Eczema clinic has been developed by Associate Professor Pablo Fernández-Peñas to treat patients struggling with the treatment of eczema and the clinic will be centred on the education and treatment of the patient.

The patient or carer, will undertake a workshop that involves a presentation on eczema, how to care for eczema flares and a practical lesson on how to appropriately conduct a wet dressing.

After the session with the Dermatology Nurse the patient will then have an appointment with A/Prof Pablo Fernández-Peñas to assess their condition and prescribe the most appropriate treatment.

Quality of Life surveys will be given to all patients or their carers that attend the Chronic/Advanced Eczema Clinic. This will enable The Skin Hospital to be able to audit the patient's progress as well as accessing the broader success of the Advanced Eczema clinic.

The aim of the Chronic/Advanced Eczema clinic is to provide patients with not only individually tailored treatment, and to also provide much needed education and continued support to enable patients to effectively manage their disease.




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