businessWomen400Our Corporate Skin Check Program offers an easy and convenient way for companies to organise a full skin check for their staff members by expert skin doctors from The Skin Hospital.

The Skin Hospital is a division of the Skin & Cancer Foundation Australia, the nation's largest dermatology training institution.

Ordinarily, your staff member would need a referral from their GP and then they could wait up to three months to see a dermatologist in their practice. However, with the Corporate Skin Check Program, our medical team will come to your place of work and provide a full skin check at a date convenient for you. No GP referral is necessary, a lengthy waiting time is avoided, any concerns are immediately addressed and your staff member misses minimal time from work.

Once the review has taken place, the doctor will explain the results with the staff member on the spot. If further treatment is required, the staff member will be given a referral which they may take to see a Dermatologist at The Skin Hospital in Sydney or to their GP, if they prefer.

For more information, please contact The Skin Hospital on (02) 8651 2000 to discuss booking a Corporate Skin Check service for your organisation.









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