Facial peels are beneficial in helping to improve the visible signs of aging, sun damage and acne. Peels can be used to treat a number of skin conditions such as Xanthelasma (cholesterol or fatty deposits around the eyes), acne and sun damage.

A superficial peel is designed to remove the damaged skin surface cells, making the skin appear smoother and healthier. It also promotes an even pigmentation, removes fine wrinkles and, with repeated peels, has deeper skin firming effects. Your dermatologist will discuss your medical history, skin sensitivities and expectations, and will then design a program especially for you. You will be back to your normal routine the day after a superficial peel.

One commonly used superficial peel is Glycolic acid which is applied to the skin for a short period of time and then chemically neutralized. Although one single peel is of benefit, it is recommended to have a series of peels for maximum results. For people with sensitive skin options include gentle glycolic peels or alternatively lactic acid peels.

Sometimes deeper peels using a combination of agents are performed under anaesthetic to treat more severe sun damage or deeper scars. The risks of these "medium depth" peels are greater but the results are much better. Risks include possible infection, scarring, changes in pigmentation, and incomplete response. It may take 7-10 days to recover from a deeper peel.

Facial Peels are available at both Darlinghurst and Westmead. To book an appointment, please click on a facility below:

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Day Surgery & Clinic

Clinic Hours: Monday-Friday 8am-5pm

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