In conjunction with the HIV unit, surgery and oncology units at St Vincent's Hospital, Dr Margot Whitfeld and Dr Asoka Herat are reviewing the data on anal and perianal cancer, and its treatment outcomes.

As part of a conjoint investigation with the dermatology and microbiology departments at St Vincent’s Hospital, Dr Whitfeld is also examining the role of bacteria in the pustular forms of rosacea, in both the HIV positive and HIV negative populations.

Around 90% of HIV infected patients develop skin diseases at some stage. These include common infections such as bacteria, fungi, virus or yeast and less common rashes and skin cancer due to reactions to the medications used to treat HIV patients.

Further information can be found on the following link for HIV skin conditions.

HIV Skin Conditions

Dr Margot Whitfeld

Dr Margot Whitfeld has been conducting an HIV Dermatology Clinic at the Skin & Cancer Foundation for more than 15 years, after completing a Fellowship in HIV Dermatology at San Francisco…

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