There are a few options for surgery at the Skin & Cancer Foundation Australia. Your doctor will discuss the best option to treat your particular condition during your consultation. These include the following:

The Skin & Cancer Foundation Australia performs skin cancer surgery for all types of skin cancers including melanomas and non-melanoma skin cancers (Squamous Cell Carcinomas - SCCs and Basal Cell Carcinomas - BCCs). Some procedures can be performed in the clinic environment while more serious ones will be operated on in our fully accredited day surgery. All specialists at the Foundation are trained in surgical techniques.

Sometimes a small biopsy or sample of the tumour is taken at the initial consultation to confirm the diagnosis of skin cancer or melanoma. This is particularly likely if the nature of the tumour is not certain after clinical examination.

The main difference between Mohs surgery and other methods of removing skin cancers is microscopic control. The major advantage of Mohs surgery is that the tumour is completely removed with a high degree of precision but also with minimal loss of normal tissue. In Mohs surgery, multiple thin, horizontal layers of the cancer are removed and each layer is carefully identified and ‘mapped’ by the surgeon so that its exact location can be pinpointed on the wound.

Depending on the location and severity of the skin cancer, the results may range from a small neat scar to permanent changes in facial structures depending where the skin cancer was located and the size of the skin cancer.

Mohs Surgeons

Dr Saleem Loghdey

Dr Saleem Loghdey is a Dermatologist who moved to Australia from the UK in 2013.  He grew up in South Africa where he did his undergraduate medical training at the University of Cape Town…

Dr Tasman Lipscombe

Dr Tasman Lipscombe graduated medicine in 1990 with an MBBS from Adelaide University. After 3 years of hospital rotations as an intern and a general resident, he commenced Dermatology…

Darlinghurst, NSW View details
Dr Nicholas Stewart

Dr Nicholas Stewart graduated with a Bachelor of Science (Biomedicine) in 2000 and a Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery in 2004, both from the University of Queensland, Brisbane. He…

Dr Howard Studniberg

Dr Howard Studniberg graduated from Sydney University and undertook his dermatology specialist training at Royal Prince Alfred, St Vincent's hospitals and the Skin & Cancer Foundation Australia.

Darlinghurst, NSW View details
Cl A/Prof Duncan Stanford

Clin A/Prof Duncan Stanford graduated from the University of Sydney in 1991 with MBBS and graduated from the University of NSW in 1997 with MSc(Med).

Dr Adrian See

Dr Adrian See graduated from Medicine from Sydney University in 1996, and worked at Wollongong and Westmead Hospital before successfully passing the Australasian College of Dermatology…

Dr Simon Lee

Dr Simon Lee is a consultant dermatologist at The Skin Hospital at both Darlinghurst and Westmead. He became a fellow of the Australasian College of Dermatologists in 2002 and completed the…

Darlinghurst, NSW View details
Dr Michael Lee

Dr Lee has published in an extensive range of leading dermatological journals in Australia and internationally.

Darlinghurst, NSW View details
Dr Sam Kalouche

Dr Sam Kalouche is a Visiting Medical Officer at The Skin Hospital Westmead.

Subspecialisation: Cosmetic dermatology; Mohs surgery.

Dr Michelle Hunt

Dr Michelle Hunt graduated in Medicine at the University of Sydney in 1989, and worked at Royal Prince Alfred and Concord Hospitals before successfully obtaining her Dermatology entrance exam in 1990.

Dr Rhonda A Harvey

Dr Harvey graduated with honours in medicine from the University of New South Wales in 1999. As part of her post graduate training,

Darlinghurst, NSW View details
Dr Phillip Artemi

Phil Artemi is a Mohs surgeon at both Darlinghurst and Westmead day surgeries for the Skin & Cancer Foundation Australia.

Dr Shawn Richards

HEAD OF LASER SERVICES Chairman: SCFA Medical Advisory Committee

Dr Tanya Gilmour

Dr Tanya Gilmour is a Dermatologist and Mohs surgeon.

Darlinghurst, NSW View details
A/Prof Rob Paver

A/Prof. Rob Paver is a Dermatologist and Mohs Surgeon at The Skin Hospital at Westmead.

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