Dermal fillers are injectable products designed to fill hollows in the face, softly enhance lips, or to fill in or smooth facial wrinkles and folds, correct sunken eyes, hollow temples, and sunken cheeks. There are a growing range of safe and effective fillers. These vary with respect to the areas where they work best and how long they last. These fillers may be either permanent or temporary. Temporary fillers break down over several months and may need replacement or ‘topping up’ at some point. Permanent fillers can last more than 8 years.

The Skin Hospital offers a wide range of cosmetic fillers and your dermatologist will talk to you about the best filler for your condition and type of skin.

Topical anaesthetic creams or local anaesthetic injections may be required prior to treatment, depending on the product used. Following the injection of the filler, you may feel a brief burning sensation at the site of the injection and experience some swelling or bruising, which normally settles over a few days. The majority of people can resume normal activities a few hours after the procedure.

Occasionally, other side effects can occur after treatment with fillers. These include redness, pain, firmness/hardness, lumpiness, bruising, itching and discolouration. Allergic reactions can occur but are rare.

Facial lipoatrophy treatment 

People living with HIV and taking retroviral medications are prone to a condition called lipoatrophy where loss of fat under the skin results in hollowing. The visible changes and symptomatic impact of facial lipoatrophy can be improved by a healthy lifestyle, the adjustment of anti-retroviral medications and use of suitable injected fillers. Treatment for those with severe lipoatrophy due to the treatment of HIV is subsidized on the Medicare PBS.

An injectable facial re-contouring product that stimulates the body’s natural collagen production, gradually restoring lost facial volume due to lipoatrophy, is also available. It is a non-toxic product that is also used in products such as resorbable sutures and for tissue regeneration. For further information on lipoatrophy, click here.

Skin Fillers are available at our Darlinghurst Clinic. To book an appointment, please click on the link below: 



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