'A trusted reputation for excellence and expertise’

The Skin & Cancer Foundation Australia is a specialist dermatology centre with a number of highly qualified and internationally recognised experts in dermatology and the pharmacological aspects of skin diseases. Our experience makes us well placed to assist consumers in choosing skin care products that are safe to use and that deliver promised benefits.

Our organisation is well respected and association with our reputation, can assist clients to partner with the Foundation. and display our logo on their skin care products.

Review of product or service for partnership.

All products reviewed by our Research Unit with respect to its effectiveness and the accuracy of its product information and marketing statements to ensure that we are partnering with a reputable company with reputable products.

Once a product meets our criteria, the supplier is then entitled to place our logo prominently on their packaging. 

The supporter may also use the logo in advertising and promotional material.  The products are then associated with our reputation for medical excellence and independence and assist in funding our research and education activities. Some of these products can be purchased through an Online Shop. A portion of the sale of every product is given to the Foundation to help us achieve our mission to improve the skin health of Australians. To view the range of products available for purchase, click on the Online Shop tab at the top of the page.

The Foundation charges an annual fee for each product. The fee is negotiated for each individual product and is determined by considering the value of that partnership to the product supplier.  All fees are used by the Foundation to support its charitable objectives for our research and education activities. 

For further information about the Foundation's Product Partners Program, please contact the Foundation’s Business Development Manager at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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